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We’re proud to offer bespoke urban nature-based interventions designed for just about any audience. From primary schools to corporate teams, Nature Nurture has a wide range of experience across communities and a history of projects that have boosted engagement between people and the urban wild spaces on their doorstep.

  • Where the Wild Things Are…

    We work with early years settings and primary schools to transform their school culture and take play and learning outside the classroom, helping to enrich the curriculum as well as the health and wellbeing of your children and staff team.  Fantastic outdoor learning spaces are closer than you think, perhaps an unused area  within your school grounds or a few minutes walk away in a park or woodland. 

    Whether it’s an overgrown school garden or nearby urban green space, we help unleash play and learning through a whole school approach. We work with you to explore your priorities and develop a programme in line with your school improvement plans.

    Our services include:


    Outdoor learning audit of school grounds and nearby green spaces

    Teacher Training

    Workshop programmes - 6 week to all year round, we offer Forest School programmes or tailor-made programmes linked to the curriculum and your schemes of work. 

    Wild Days - half or full day

    Learning resources


    Parent outreach programmes

    Wild spaces ripe for discovery are often already on your school grounds. Whether it’s an overgrown school garden or nearby urban wild spaces such as a park or woodland, we help you unleash play and learning in nature spaces by helping you with your Risk Assessments and co-delivering with your staff team so that they grow in confidence.

    We have permission from Reading Borough Council to use our public parks, woodlands and waterways for outdoor play and learning and we help you discover ideal learning environments  just a few minutes walk from your school.

    Illustration of creatures hanging from branches


    What They Say

    Our ‘Wild’ Team

    Our outdoor play and learning team is trained across a variety of areas: Forest School, Earth Education, John Muir Award, Environmental Education, Creative Arts and School Gardening.

    We have experience linking with science, literacy and maths and SEAL. Where a school uses the ELSA framework, we are able to work with your teaching staff to observe children and monitor progress.

    We’ll work with you to select the best mix of skills to deliver your programme.

    The Nature-Nurture Way

    We take an open, friendly and engaging approach - a style that connects with people whatever their background or ability.

    Children’s self-determination is at the heart of the Nature Nurture approach and is the the bedrock of the Forest School pedagogy. Children embark on their own learning journeys, building on emotional literacy and the emphasis is on outdoor challenges that enable everyone to achieve.

  • Take a walk on the wild side

    The science is in: outdoor activity at work increases productivity and wellbeing. Nature can restore attention, lift moods and improve concentration.

    Our vision is to embed nature connection into the workplaces. By creating a fun, friendly environment for your workforce to carry out purposeful outdoor activity, you can help your local community and natural environment whilst boosting the health, happiness and productivity of your employees.

    Our programmes for business can help your organisation build a positive profile in your local community and support a healthier staff by incorporating nature into the workplace.

    The Nature Nurture creative team can also support sustainability storytelling and PR with photography, short films, presentations and participant certificates.

    The Greenspace Challenge

    While we offer a number of bespoke outdoor programmes to organisations, our latest programme is the Greenspace Challenge.

    Easy to integrate into your workplace wellbeing, staff development and CSR programmes, the Greenspace Challenge is a day-long nature based intervention that aims to foster a happier and more resilient workforce.

    We run the Greenspace Challenge in urban nature spaces such as a park or woodland near to your workplace. A typical day involves fun, accessible activities with 30-50 people.

    Our staff team comprises Forest School leaders, survival experts & creative professionals. We design inspiring programmes that are bound to make your staff feel good. Our friendly, engaging style resonates with everyone, whatever their background or ability.

    Activity areas as part of the Greenspace Challenge include:

    • Conservation: Creating pathways, building bat or bird boxes, planting wildflowers, planting living willow sculptures and community growing projects, all in your local parks, woodlands, school gardens or community allotments
    • Creativity: Creative innovation challenges, such as making a giant insect out of willow branches. A great way to brainstorm out of the office and draw out that latent creativity and innovation.
    • Co-operation: Team building training and overcoming challenges, with our partners at Breath of Fresh Air. We can tailor training and peer mentoring to suit your particular team challenges.


Really enjoyable and will definitely use the activities we did this afternoon with the children.

Aimee Levett, Battle Primary Academy

Lots of practical ideas to use outdoors. Useful advice about keeping safe.

Claire Hughes, English Martrys

Full of great ideas- will feed back to rest of staff. Thanks.

Lucy Johnstone, Moorlands Primary

Absolutely inspirational and knowledgeable, the staff were amazing.

Skylar Whitting, Whitley Park Primary