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Our vision is for children everywhere to have the chance to have fun, get active and reap the health and wellbeing benefits of spending time in nature.

Nature Nurture's latest venture, the Wild Workout has been designed to help parents and teachers get kids active in their gardens, school grounds, parks and woodlands. The Wild Workout can also help conservation charities and local authorities to make the most of the health potential of their green spaces.

With childhood obesity and mental health issues on the rise, we have designed the Wild Workout to make physical activity fun and accessible. The exercise sequence is aimed at children aged two to eight with an emphasis on grown-ups joining in too. Unlike traditional sports, everyone's a winner and you don't need any specialist equipment or clothing.

Wild Workout launches at Countryfile Live 2019, Blenheim Palace

The Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust (BBOWT) invited Nature Nurture to deliver the Wild Workout at the #Wildzone stage - here we are in action!


There are currently 12 Wild Workout 'stations', each featuring a friendly woodland animal to guide you through the moves which interweave cardio, strength, flexibility and stretching. The exercises have been inspired by High-intensity interval training, and   the 7-Minute Workout  and also embrace elements of  Yoga and TaiChi.

The story so far...

October 2018 Nature Nurture's Director Natalie Ganpatsingh sketches animals to inspire our Family Wild Day attendees to follow a woodland path.

March 2019 - Nature Nurture meets academics at  National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine at Loughborough University - they think the Wild Workout is a great idea and suggest further piloting prior to applying in partnership for sizable grant to develop further and evaluate.  Cartoonist Phil Baber (Aardman Animations, BBC Wildlife, WWFs) commissioned for the illustrations.

July 2019 - Nature Nurture selected by Henley Business School MSc Entrepreneurship programmes to help develop the Wild Workout into a marketable proposition and support with a Crowdfund campaign to secure funding for pilot testing in Reading primary schools.

What next?...

Great feedback from parents and teachers has spurred us on to secure pilot funding for testing in Early Years settings and primary schools.  This will provide us with the 'evidence of need' for a really ambitions funding application in partnership with Loughborough University.

We're also working with YourTour's fantastic location triggered audio platform, to explore app-based trails. The vision is that teachers and land managers will be able to set up engaging family-friendly app-based Wild Workout trails in school grounds, parks and woodlands. You can listen to our test audio here.


We'd love to make the Wild Workout accessible to  parents and teachers, across the UK. If you are interested in partnering with us or can help secure funding, please get in touch.