Social Prescribing

We offer a range of nature and arts based therapeutic programmes for young people and adults that provide ways to reap the benefits of being immersed in creative processes and nature connection.

Never before has nature been so important to our collective wellbeing. With mental health diagnoses and obesity on the rise, and against a backdrop of a global pandemic, ‘green prescribing’ is quickly gaining traction and credibility as a natural and accessible remedy. Public awareness of climate change has also increased our feelings of closeness and stewardship over our fragile living environments.

From curated Wild Walks using forest immersion techniques, to outdoor workplace sessions, our wellbeing interventions are designed to get people active outdoors, for improved health & wellbeing and cognitive functioning. And with the chance to get stuck into conservation activities with our friends The Conservation Volunteers, you'll feel good while you do good in your community.

Find the right Wild Wellbeing approach for you.

Wild your workplace!

Check out The Greenspace Challenge for workplace well being.