Outdoor Education

Our Wild Teaching work sits at the core of our root values. We believe in access to outdoor education for every child and teacher, and we offer a variety of ways to make it happen. We design everything to fit seamlessly into your school curriculum. 

Wild Teaching helps schools take learning outside the classroom into school grounds and local green spaces. Our vision is for every school to embed nature-based learning across the curriculum, to improve health and wellbeing through nature connection and to develop school grounds and green spaces that support biodiversity. Rather than parachute in and disappear, we transform the whole school ethos to embrace outdoor learning, from the Senior Leadership Team to the cooks, the teachers to the wider school community.

During 2019-20, we co-delivered the ‘Growing Among Trees’ project funded by Defra and the Department of Education. This focused on children living in areas of deprivation, aiming to benefit their mental health and wellbeing, increase engagement with learning, boost attendance and encourage pro-environmental behaviour. Through the project, we placed the teachers and children at the heart of the process, responding to their needs and helping them overcome their challenges. This developed into our Wild Teaching programme. 

We draw from a variety of approaches, including Forest School, Earth Education, Shinrin Yuko, Environmental Education and the creative arts. We also integrate conservation and climate education. Unique to our approach is our mission to empower and upskill teachers: We seek to boost staff confidence and skills so that they develop their ongoing outdoor programme.

The Wild Teaching vision is for every school in the country to have skilled outdoor teachers,  thriving school grounds and children connected with the parks and woodlands on their doorstep. 

Why choose Nature Nurture? Our credentials.

We are proud members of the Institute of Outdoor Learning. We are also Quality Badge holders from the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom. Our Wild Teaching work has won multiple awards

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