Outdoor Arts & Technology

As we move into a world increasingly ruled by technology, the lines between our natural and human-made spaces start to blur. We believe in the power of harnessing tech to bring people closer to their natural surroundings. Hi-tech and hi-nature ways of experiencing the world do not need to be mutually exclusive and if we are to capture a contemporary audience, we need to stay abreast of evolving technologies.

This is why we’re pioneering projects that activate technology to boost our connection and engagement with the wild spaces at our doorstep.

And it’s working! For us, a mix of technology and creative arts can be excellent conduits for connecting people with nature. So we dipped our toes in a few immersive technology projects with very exciting results so far…

If Nature Could Talk…

Talking Trees

Nature-Nurture teamed up with the Woodland Trust on an exciting project that literally gave nature a voice. The Talking Trees audio trail is an immersive sonic experience where trees tell people their stories through history, poetry and song.

We worked together with a team of software developers, technologists, designers, poets, installation artists, and forestry experts to combine tech and nature in ways that would resonate with urbanites. Talking Trees is a unique ‘audio-natural’ experience that helps people discover the wonderful benefits of trees and brings them a step closer to their wild urban spaces.

We collaborated with Reading’s maker community to build Raspberry Pi computers into bird boxes with motion sensors triggering audio beside Tower Bridge for London Tree Week.


Sounds of our Town

Thanks to funding from Nesta and in collaboration with Intelligent Health, Nature Nurture built an Interactive Soundmap of Reading as part of Nesta’s FutureFest programme in 2016. The project evolved into a interactive map of Reading enhanced by bold graphics and user-triggered sound clips designed to draw people in and reveal the town in a different light.

We captured the distinct sounds of Reading’s natural (and urban?) environment and built them into the soundmap, with the aim of heightening local citizen’s sense of familiarity and belonging to their town.

Outdoor Arts - better out than in

Nature Nurture believes that the creative arts are enormously powerful outdoors. We have worked with artists, theatre makers, poets, dancers, sound artists, sculptors and lantern makers providing unforgettable outdoor arts experiences in urban woodlands, meadows and beside waterways.

The Creatures of the Pond joining the Winter Giant at Dee Park, Reading

In collaboration with Beautiful Creatures Theatre Arts, we worked with Dee Park Champions Youth Group to create giant puppets for the Winter Giant procession.

Pirates ahoy at Fobney Island

The Canal & River Trust asked Nature Nurture to help raise awareness and connect the community with Fobney Lock and Nature Reserve; a little known gem in the south of Reading. The giant heron came out to fly again and entertained the crowds with Pirate Bill. Children took part in pond dipping, bug hunting, wild art and pirate quests.