We help people and organisations reach everyone with nature, especially those considered hard to reach.

As a team we’re hyper engaged with local communities, we understand the challenge of drawing a cross section of people to conservation organisation spaces like nature reserves. 

We take an open, community-led approach. Our award-winning team delivers a range of consultancy programmes to make the most of their nature spaces and engage communities. 

We work mostly with:

    • Local Authorities (Public Health, Park and Open Spaces, Education, Museums and Libraries and Play Development)
    • Conservation organisations
    • Housing associations and developers
    • Health sector organisations

We’re not afraid to tackle health and geographical inequalities head on and we offer advice for how to make green space projects engaging, relevant and local.

Our experience with conversation organisations such as the Wildlife Trust, Canal and River Trust, The Conservation Volunteers helps ensure that our collective urban blue and green infrastructure supports inclusion, health and wellbeing. 

We also advise and bridge the gap between local authority departments like Public Health and Parks and Open Spaces to help councils take a more holistic and informed approach to urban nature planning.  

With a growing evidence base of the powerful effects nature has on mental health, we are able to run business development sessions with groups like the Forest School Association, building health science into their practice and strengthening the case for nature education.

Nature Nurture is also leading the Reading 2050 City of Parks and Rivers theme, advising on what the future of Reading would look like if we improve biodiversity and engaged our community. 

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