What we do

We provide an array of services across four areas, all striving towards one mission: to connect urbanites across the UK with the nature and heritage that’s sitting right at our doorsteps.

We run all of our services collaboratively, leveraging partnerships that are fit for purpose for getting people outdoors!

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Wild Teaching

We believe in access to outdoor education for every child and teacher, and we offer a variety of ways to make it happen.

Wild Consultancy

We work with local authorities, housing associations, conservation and health sector organisations to make the most of their nature spaces and engage communities, especially those considered hard to reach.

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Wild Trails and Events

Engaging resources that boost interaction with nature and encourage community stewardship of our shared natural spaces.

Wild Wellbeing

Never before has nature been so important to our collective wellbeing. We help bring the healing touch of nature to your workplace, and offer tools for enjoying its incredible benefits in our daily lives.