Vodafone employees get away from their desks and into nature!

Now more than ever the science of health and wellbeing recommends regular outdoor activity to maintain a healthy body and mind. This couldn’t be more true for those of us who work behind a desk all day indoors and suffer from low energy leading to decreased productivity.

Nature Nurture is expanding our work into the corporate world so we can tap into Reading’s wealth of office sites and lure people away from their desks and into green spaces a stone’s throw away. Trust us, it’s worth it! In fact studies point to increased productivity in the workplace from taking breaks in nature. When you add purposeful outdoor work that makes a positive difference to the local community, it’s a win-win for corporate employees to take part in our Green Space Challenge.

For our first office activity as part of our Green Space Challenge, we worked with twenty executive level employees from Vodafone’s CSR programme. We chose a neglected nearby community woodland that was in dire need of sprucing-up, and tasked the Vodafone staff with some vital conservation work. Throughout the course of the day, the Vodafone staff got their hands dirty by clearing pathways and building steps. We even gave them a creative team-building brief: to build a grasshopper out of willow.

Needless to say the day was a success and everyone was delighted with how much work we got done and Vodafone employees reaped the healthy benefits of the Green Space Challenge.