Sounds of our Town


“In every sound, the hidden silence sleeps.”

Dejan Stojanovic


You probably have at least one favourite everyday sound that makes you smile, tingle, relax, buzz with excitement or feel connected with your surroundings. It could be your cat purring, a music box you were given as a child, a blackbird’s song, the humming of a well-tuned engine, or the sound of your kids sleeping at last! 

During the Covid-19 lockdown, many of us have appreciated the reduction in noise pollution from aircraft, road traffic and construction. This has perhaps inspired us to seek time in nature and discover sights and sounds we may have overlooked before.  

As part of our Wild Tech programme, we’re delighted to be collaborating with Small Silence CIC on a project that celebrates the sounds of Reading. We’ve been rising in the early hours to meet nature enthusiasts across Reading, discovering the wonders of nature in the most unexpected urban spaces. 

The project calls for the locals of Reading to head outside, and listen. Listen to the distant hum of our heritage and the lively buzz of nature, and record and share the sounds they love most on social media. 

In noticing, connecting with and sharing these sounds, we boost our wellbeing, feeling grateful for those everyday objects, people, places and activities that our lives are scattered with, but which we so often overlook.

#SoundsOfOutTown has been funded through the generous support of Reading Place of Culture.

Get involved, here's how:

The project is not only a great way to boost wellbeing through mindful attention and connecting with others, but it also helps us to understand the local sounds we need to protect and promote.

Listen to environmentalist Adrian Lawson share his favourite #soundsofourtown:

About Small Silence

Small Silence is a quietly creative organisation dedicated to improving mental health and wellbeing through the arts. With a focus on sound and listening, Small Silence uses sound art practices to nurture wellbeing and connect with quiet.

For more info visit: www.smallsilence.org

About Reading Place of Culture

Reading UK works to integrate business and the arts and demonstrate the value of a high cultural profile to economic performance.

For more inspiration, visit: readingplaceofculture.org/

About our Wild Technology and Arts projects

We think that technology can play an important role in connecting people with nature. This is why we’re pioneering projects that activate technology to boost our connection and engagement with the wild spaces at our doorstep.