Mindful Mouse


“I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees.” - Henry David Thoreau, naturalist, essayist, & philosopher

Mindful Mouse

More than a trend for stressed out professionals, mindfulness is an ancient practice with its roots in Eastern mysticism. It encourages having compassion for oneself, which extends out to others and to nature. 

Mental health poses a considerable risk for today’s children, and at the same time, plenty of research now proves that immersion in nature “boosts creativity, problem-solving and feelings of wellbeing”. (Strayer, 2016) 


With today’s health science and a history of mindfulness methods in mind, we started imagining Mindful Mouse; a wellbeing  boosting  tool for kids that can be downloaded as a tool for teachers and parents or turned into a permanent waymarked trail for parks and woods, to incorporate mindfulness into a children's lives. Just like the Wild Workout, the grown-ups join in too! 

Since we’re all about getting outdoors, our mindfulness practice naturally encourages practicing in nature!

As with the much loved Wild Workout there are 12 activity stations, all presented by our cool hero in gardens, school grounds, parks or woodlands that nurture our spirits and a love of nature. 

Mindful Mouse will lead children through mindfulness practices using breath, focus, gratitude and connection.

Mindful Mouse has been designed to help reduce stress and increase resilience by teaching the skills of self-regulation, such as soothing anxiety, calming difficult emotions, creating the space to make better choices at difficult moments and growing happiness and compassion for themselves and all life on our beautiful planet.

Funding from the RSA

Thanks to a Covid-19 Catalyst Award, we've received funding from the RSA to develop a website, promo film resources for local primary schools. We'd love to make Mindful Mouse available to teachers and parents for free, across the country. Please get in touch if you're interested in partnering with us or if you are interesting in supporting the project.

About Wild Workshops

We’re proud to offer bespoke urban nature-based interventions designed for just about any audience. From primary schools to corporate teams, Nature Nurture has a wide range of experience across communities and a history of projects that have boosted engagement between people and the urban wild spaces on their doorstep.