Our Mission

Today’s challenges make interaction with nature more important than ever. 

Our mission is to support wellbeing and wildlife by connecting people with the wild spaces on their doorsteps.


People thrive in the wild. Immersion in nature has been proven to decrease stress, improve cognitive skills, boost our immune systems and promote exercise. It has a role to play in strengthening our social connections. What’s more, there is empirical evidence that suggests a strong link between human experience with wildlife and our feeling of environmental stewardship. 

Yet sadly many of us don’t experience nature in our everyday lives. We know that 1 in 4 people in the UK struggle with mental health, and that sedentary lifestyles are detrimental to our wellbeing. Add to this climate change and drastic loss of biodiversity in recent years, and the overall picture can seem daunting. We believe that a big part of the solution lies in unleashing the symbiotic relationship between people and nature.

“People need nature, nature needs people.”

Why urban? In the UK, 83 % of us live in urban areas. Although we love faraway wild spaces, we think real change happens locally. That’s why for ten years we’ve focused our work in urban areas closest to home. We exist to connect urbanites to the parks, woodlands and waterways on their doorstep, catalysing a win-win relationship that benefits our wellbeing and protects our precious wild spaces.

“We believe there are multiple conduits to nature.” 

Our richly creative team is constantly imagining new and playful ways to deliver on our mission, working across the arts, conservation, wellbeing, heritage, and education sectors to provide interventions for urban dwellers from all backgrounds. And we’re proud to witness the powerful ripple effect of benefits as a result. We are ever dedicated to inclusion and focus much of our work on reaching communities living in areas of deprivation.

Our work is multidisciplinary, fresh and innovative, and we have a colourful portfolio of projects under our belts. 

Depending on your location, we offer bespoke design solutions for activating green space connections, often employing arts and technology as conduits to the natural world. We think immersion in nature will play a hugely valuable role in supporting the nation towards recovery in these difficult times, so we’re launching new tools to facilitate deeper connection with living environments and support active, resilient lifestyles. 

After all, wild spaces are open to our imagination - a green and calming refuge for flourishing creativity, energising areas for adventure, or classrooms for discovery and delight. 

We hope that our lasting legacy will be to help build creative, healthy, and resilient communities with a sense of place and belonging and urban nature spaces rich in biodiversity across the country.

“We believe in nature and creative arts for all.”

Our Background

Nature Nurture CIC is an award winning community organisation, enabling people to connect with wild spaces. We draw from a variety of approaches, including Earth Education, Forest School, Workplace Wellbeing, Forest Bathing and Environmental Education, often integrating our unique blend of creative arts and technology.  

Partnership working is key to our success and we work with regional wings of conservation organisations to help them creatively engage a wider audience (National Trust, Canal & River Trust, Woodland Trust, Wildlife Trust, The Conservation Volunteers). Our local community partnerships help us reach audiences underrepresented in nature, heritage and the arts and include housing associations, schools, children’s centres and sheltered housing schemes.

Our evidence-based approach focuses on the incredible health and wellbeing benefits of nature. We hope that by boosting a culture of connectivity with natural spaces, we can foster a sense of communal stewardship for our parks, woodlands and waterways; our shared urban gardens.


In 2016 we achieved a Pride of Reading Award in recognition of our success in engaging people with nature, and in 2017 we were selected as one of the 50 Game changers in the Thames Valley community. In 2019 we won the national Institute of Outdoor Learning's 'Community Development Award'.