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The Call of the Wild

Our very own Wild Reading film - find out what happened to Joe when he heard The Call of the Wild...

This short film shows what we've been up to in the Wild West of Reading. We're even more ambitious now; we want to enable children from the whole of the Reading area to go wild in their local green space. Your Telephone Vote on Monday 24th November will help us achieve this.

We’re proud to be part of The Wild Network, whose mission is to support children, parents and guardians of children to roam free, play wild and connect with nature. An amazing film, Project Wild Thing, kickstarted this nationwide movement and as part of the project we’re going to create ‘The Wild Town Toolkit’ which we’ll share with other organisations across the land who want to make their own town go wild!

Stephen Moss supports The Wild Reading project

Stephen Moss - my passion is to communicate the wonders of the natural world to the widest possible audience

Wow! TV Producer, author and naturalist Stephen Moss supports The Wild Reading Campaign!

This chap is BIG. He's the guy behind The National Trust's 'Natural Childhood' report, BBC's Springwatch and he's often found working with his chums David Attenborough, Bill Oddie, Alan Titchmarsh & Chris Packham. Stephen says:

"The so-called Urban Jungle is actually a great place for wildlife to live - towns like Reading provide everything they want in terms of food, water, places to sleep and places to breed. And towns are also a great place to watch wildlife - urban creatures are pretty used to people and often allow you to get really close. And engaging with wildlife isn't just great fun, it's also really good for you - and free!"

- Stephen Moss, Naturalist, Author and TV Producer

You can Pledge Your support for The Wild Reading Project Here


Dr. William Bird’s ‘Beat the Street’ goes Wild!

Dr. William Bird is the Strategic Health Advisor for Natural England developing the Natural Health Service that will use the natural environment as a major health resource in England. He's also the bloke behind RSPB's report, Natural Thinking....and he's behind Beat the Street...and CEO of Intelligent Health and loads of other amazing stuff, and now...de de deeerrrrr ...he's behind us!

Dr. William Bird says, "The Wild Town concept created by Nature Nurture is a perfect example of using urban spaces to get the community active, address health inequities and simply enjoy their town."

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Two weeks to go: Pledge your support for The Wild Reading project!

We’re on a mission to give children the chance to be happy, have fun, enjoy nature and get active outdoors in their local green space.

Reading, like many towns has loads of wild spaces, where children can roam free, play and learn. Sadly, these spaces are underused by the community. And it’s not just our town - parents across the land are struggling to get their kids away from the screens, outside, active and having fun. We’re through to the final of ITV’s People’s Millions and we need your vote to WIN £50,000. We’re on telly on 24th November and we’re going to need 1000s of people across the land to pick up the phone and vote for ‘The WIld Reading project’.
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Families go Wild at the McIlroy Park Family Wild Day

It had been raining for days and when the Nature Nurture team arrived at McIlroy Park early morning on Saturday, it was still tipping down.

Would anyone be coming out today?

But then the sun broke through, the sky became blue and the families came pouring in to join the Wild West adventure!

“99 children and 70 adults joined us for the Family Wild Day” says Natalie, Director of Nature Nurture CIC, “Many people said they lived nearby, but hadn’t visited the park before. We had an array of wild activities on offer and families could follow the activity trail through the woods.”
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Prospect Park Family Wild Day – what fun!


Thanks to everyone who came to the Prospect Park Family Wild Day. Around 150 people turned up!

They were given a map on arrival, that showed them where discover a range of wild activities, including building a giant bug, searching for golden letters in the Tunnel of Doom, bug hunting, den building, making jewelry from Elder and wild art. It was great to collaborate with our local Children's Centres and Judy from the Tilehurst Globe conservation group. Many local people said they enjoyed the day and that they'd definitely come back to explore the wild places again.

If you missed this one, don't miss our next Wild Family Day at McIlroy park - 11th October 10am to 2pm. Either 'join' on our Facebook page, or comment below so that we know how many people are coming.

Thanks to Joe Gammie from The Reading Chronicle for this lovely article.

The Wild West is in Full Swing…come and join the fun!

The Nature Nurture team have been galloping around the Wild West and the children are going wild!

We're following the Urban Playrangers as they venture around Reading's Parks. Next up on 13th August, is a session at Ranikhet Children's Centre, 10.30am - 12pm (Spey Road, Tilehurst) then we're zooming to Amersham Road Children's Centre (Caversham) from 2pm - 3.30pm.

Then, coming soon...

15th August - Prospect Park Play Day - 10am to 4pm

20th September - Prospect Park Family Wild Day - 10.30 to 3.30pm

11th October - McKilroy Park Family Wild Day - 10am to 2pm

29th November - Lantern making and evening Tree Discovery Procession (Battle Library and Prospect Park)

We would like to thank Awards for All, England Big Lottery Fund, Comic Relief and Reading Borough Council for their generous support of this project.

It’s time to book a Wild Party…

Last Saturday the thunder clapped, the rain poured down and 10 ten year olds (including the birthday girl) made camps, bows and arrows and skidded down a muddy slope before tucking into a grand picnic.
Here's what the mother had to say...

My daughter is an outdoorsy sort of girl so a wild party suited her down to the ground. She and her friends spent an 'awesome' (her words) time making bows and arrows, and playing natives, not to mention sliding down wet grassy banks too. She didn't want the party to end, and my other children are now desperate for a similar party for their birthdays! What I loved about it was that it was so stress free for me.......Nature Nurture took complete control, and it was all outdoors and healthy too......what's not to like! Oh and I ordered food from Crumbs Food Co, which was amazing, great value and very much enjoyed by the children, especially the bespoke cup cakes. Nature Nurture liaised with them regarding delivery times and place - all very civilized. It was worth every single penny, and we will be coming back for more.
Dorothy Yuille

Are you looking for an amazing party for your child this year? Have you had enough of Bear Quest and Lazer Crazies? Get in touch and we can talk about the Wild Parties and Arty Parties we offer in the Reading area.