Nature Nurture is a richly creative team with a shared mission: to connect urbanites across the UK with the nature and heritage that’s sitting right at our doorsteps.

A key focus of ours is inclusion. Nature Nurture operates in the heart towns and cities across the UK to enabling the mindset needed for self-directed outdoor adventures. We achieve this through co-designing events, workshops, way-marked trails, training and learning resources for urban dwellers from every background.

We work across the conservation, arts, heritage, education, and health sectors to help deliver on our mission and provide accessible interventions for urban dwellers from every background. Nature Nurture is dedicated to reaching communities living in areas of deprivation where we can combine tackling health inequalities with improving green spaces.

We hope that our lasting legacy will be to help build healthy, happy and resilient communities with a sense of place and belonging and urban nature spaces rich in biodiversity across the country.

People need nature and nature needs people.

Our Background

We’re an established, award-winning CIC with a colourful and amazing collection of projects under our belts. From nature that talks to outdoor learning resources, our work with a variety of sectors keeps our interventions in urban society fresh and creative.

Our expertise strongly emphasises the incredible health and wellbeing benefits of nature, leading to stronger communities and increased environmental awareness and action. We hope that by boosting a culture of connection with natural spaces, we can foster a sense of communal stewardship for our parks, woodlands and waterways; our shared urban gardens.

In 2016 we achieved a Pride of Reading Award in recognition of our success in engaging people with nature and in 2017 we were selected as one of the 50 Gamechangers in the Thames Valley design and technology community.