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Talking Trees

  If trees could talk, what would they say? Would they talk of the past, or tomorrow or today? In 2017 we pulled off something we weren’t sure was even possible. Thanks to a commission by the Woodland Trust and … Continue reading

Talking Trees – is this really possible?

If trees could talk, what would they say, Would they talk of the past, or tomorrow of today?


Nature Nurture are on a mission to connect urban communities with the nature on their doorstep.

"Hmmm - but how can we do this? There's just so much noise to break through."

Well we have come up with something: We reckon that if we can give nature a voice, people just might listen. Continue reading

The trees are talking in London!

Treelaxation - relaxing under a tree

Unbelievable but true. We have literally given trees a voice and we can’t wait for you to hear them.  27th May and 4th June, 10am to 4pm Venture along the Thames, just past Tower Bridge and you’ll come across Potters … Continue reading

Outdoor arts and technology

We want to ensure that even in a post COVID world, children get outside into nature. We think using digital platforms designed to bring kids outdoors for adventures in their local green spaces is a great way for safe outdoor … Continue reading

The Team

The Nature Nurture team consists of three Directors and a dynamic group of Forest School leaders, conservationists, educators, artists, designers and technologists. A special team is selected to work on your project, all dedicated to using their skills and experience … Continue reading

Outdoor Arts & Technology

As we move into a world increasingly ruled by technology, the lines between our natural and human-made spaces start to blur. We believe in the power of harnessing tech to bring people closer to their natural surroundings. Hi-tech and hi-nature ways … Continue reading