I love this time of year; crisp mornings, falling leaves, lighting the fire. I'm going to plan a Forest School session this evening. It will be all about squirrels. I'll pop to my mum's house and we'll write some riddles. Then, on Friday morning I'll run my weekly session with the 8 little children from The Rocking Horse Nursery in Caversham. I'm so pleased to be working with such lovely staff and the children, so far, have been happy to go to the forest whatever the weather.

The session I have in mind involves borrowing a good few conkers from my son's stash, and burying them in the woodland. The children can have fun hiding the conkers, then writing clues with chalk on the trees, so see if the the children can find them....

I've been using little puppets with the children recently - they work really well, especially helpful to draw out a few words from a shy child. I've bought a sweet little grey squirrel finger puppet.

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